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1. *How do I book a turf using FieldFlicks?*

Booking a turf is simple with FieldFlicks. Just launch the app, select the desired location, date, and time slot, then proceed to payment. You'll receive instant confirmation of your booking.

2. *Can I view recordings of previous matches?*
Yes, FieldFlicks provides the option to access recordings of past matches. Simply navigate to the 'Recordings' section in the app, select the specific session you're interested in, and enjoy watching your team's performance.

3. *Can I create and manage teams using FieldFlicks?*
Absolutely! FieldFlicks offers robust team management capabilities. You can create teams, invite players and  schedule matches seamlessly through the app. It's the ultimate tool for organizing your sports activities.

4. *What sports turfs can I book through FieldFlicks?*
FieldFlicks caters mainly to football and cricket for the time being with more sports to come soon! Simply select your preferred sport when booking a turf, and we'll find the perfect venue for you.

5. *What if I need assistance or encounter issues with the app?*
You can reach us at or call +91 7021970138 for further assistance.

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