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FieldFlicks : Coming soon to transform your turf game!

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FieldFlicks App Screens

It's all in the Name.

Ever wished you had a highlight reel of your football skills?

Now its possible with FieldFlicks. We capture your moments that you can take home, and feel like a football star too!


Your Moves. Our Lens.

Welcome to FieldFlicks

Book Your Slot

Search, Select Slot & Pay. It's that easy with FieldFlicks. Make Teams & Groups to engage your friends in the best of turf football.

Choose to Record

Choose to add Video Recording with FieldFlicks Verified✔️ Turfs. Watch your entire football session supported with various angles, for the first time in India.

Watch your #Flicks

Watch, Edit & Share your #Flicks, with our In-App Video Editor and download High Res 1080p files of all your booked sessions.


Best in Class Application

FieldFlicks stands out from the competition with its best-in-class features and exceptional user experience. Meticulously designed, to provide a seamless and intuitive interface that makes the process of booking turf grounds effortless and enjoyable.

1080p Video Recording

With FieldFlicks, players can capture their games in stunning detail and clarity with the 1080p video recording feature. Every goal, pass, and tackle can be preserved and revisited with precision. The high-definition video recording ensures that players can relive their best moments on the field, analyze their performance, and study their gameplay in great detail. FieldFlicks's video recording capabilities raise the bar for capturing and preserving the excitement and skill of every game.

Social Sharing

Sharing the thrill of the game has never been easier. FieldFlicks allows players to effortlessly share their recorded gameplay with friends, teammates, and the broader community through social sharing. With just a few taps, players can showcase their highlights and achievements on popular social media platforms. By sharing their best moments, players can bask in the recognition of their skills, foster a sense of camaraderie among fellow players, and generate excitement and curiosity around the turf grounds. FieldFlicks's social sharing feature connects players and creates a vibrant community centered around the love of the game.



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